About Us

Our Story

In September 2008, the stock market crashed, institutional powerhouses the likes of Lehman Brothers failed, and the real estate market shook with uncertainty. September 2008 also marked the founding of the firm now known as the Williams Legal Advisory Group, LLC. From that fateful beginning through today, we have navigated our firm, as well as counseled our many clients, large and small, through the economic roller coasters of the Great Recession of 2008, as well as the financial and market impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. To survive this tumult, we have had to be more than a boutique commercial real estate and construction law firm, composed of seasoned transactional attorneys - - we had to offer something special. What we are is a trusted legal advisory group of experienced and tested lawyers, working collaboratively with both our clients and our non-attorney professionals, to achieve sustained comprehensive objectives and success.

Our Role

Although we are sometimes engaged to provide services for discrete, limited matters or to provide legal representation in more complex transactions, just as any real estate or construction lawyer or law firm practice group might do, Williams Legal Advisory Group also provides wrap-around legal services for entire real estate projects, from inception through disposition, working in an integrated manner with our clients to assist them in realizing their large-scale objectives. By investing the time and resources to understand a client’s short- and long-term aims, we provide not only sound legal advice to facilitate forward progress on that client’s vision, but we provide that advice in a way that also understands and advances the over-arching desired economic outcomes.

Unlike many other law firms, working hand-in-hand with our lawyers, the team at Williams Legal Advisory Group includes a non-attorney Real Estate Specialist, who had formerly been a client of the firm, and who possesses a deep background in business, accounting, and real estate asset management. As a result, we are able to provide our legal services through a multi-faceted lens, viewing our clients’ needs from a traditional legal perspective, as well as enhance that legal perspective with value-add business and operational viewpoints. This broad vision allows us uniquely to see both how each puzzle piece fits into the next and to understand how the multitude of pieces should come together to create a single big picture. As a result, we are more than just a collection of transactional lawyers. We have evolved and carved out a niche as a specialized firm that balances detail-oriented legal services and high-level sound strategic advice that moves entire organizations and their aspirations forward, in projects large and small.

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